How much does a Transmission Repair Cost?


          After many year of working in the transmission industry, I have found out that it is very difficult for consumers to find a good transmission shop. Most times when a person finds out that they are having transmission problems they automatically think that it' going to be very expensive. The truth is that sometimes it doesn't have to be. Many times what we think could be something smaller. Most transmissions now are controlled by electrical parts that sad but true go out and cause the vehicle to act up. That's why it is important where you take your car to get checked out. I have unfortunately seen often times a consumer be charged for a complete rebuild, when all they needed was a sensor changed and the consumer not even be aware of it. Alot of money can be saved by taking your car to autozone or somewhere similar; ask them to scan your vehicle for free.

Transmission are repairable, but auto experts say that it comes with a heavy price tag. How much does a transmission repair cost? Transmission has a big role on the ability of your car to operate. It carries the power of the engine through the axle with the use of several gears that let the engine rotate at different speeds.


Transmission Repair Costs Vary

          The cost of a rebuild transmission will depend on some factors. If you need total replacement of your transmission, it can cost several thousands of dollars for its parts and the skilled labor while if it only needs minor repair and a change of fluid, it will only cost a few hundred dollars. Different models and make require several parts and cost of labor. When you bring your car into an automotive repair shop, they will just give you an estimate cost, but oftentimes it is lower or higher than its figure. It can be hard to find a replacement parts for rarer and older cars.


Cost to replace or rebuild your transmission             

          A minor leak can be a major problem if you are not going to check it. Low level of fluid in the transmission or different component failures of your transmission can result in severe damage. So, you might be thinking of rebuilding or replacing your transmission. Almost 90% of failures are due to the items inside your transmission.

Prepare at least $500 to $1000 or more to rebuild a transmission if you are going to work on it by yourself. The average amount for rebuilt transmission is between $1500 and $3800 or higher while the average amount of replacing the transmission is $4000 to $8000. It will also depend on the shop or market. Others recommend remanufactured or used transmission over one that is rebuilt. They say that it usually comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and can be repaired faster.

The reason behind a steep cost on transmission rebuild amount is because they need many skilled laborers. You are going to pay a skilled technician to check the condition of your car. Transmission is a very complicated part of machinery which is hard to diagnose, reassemble and dissemble. Some companies provide free advice for transmission repair, but most of the repair shops will charge you between $60 and $90 for every hour of service. The cost can quickly add up if you add to the amount of parts. You can also try to reduce the amount you are going to pay for the transmission repair or rebuild. Transmission defects are often pricey. The only way to know the specific cost is to take your car to an approved transmission shop and let the technician check it. 


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