Why you need to check your Transmission Fluid


          The transmission fluid is part of engine which is very important. Without having the right levels of fluid in your car, you can experience transmission problems. If you are not changing your transmission fluid periodically, it may result in severe problems. Some people believe that it is the part of engine which is not important to be replaced. Even though it is not needed to be changed like the oil, it is still important to maintain and check the fluids in your car.


Why you need to check your transmission fluid?

          There are many reasons why you need to check your transmission fluid. Some of car owners believe that there is no need to change their transmission fluid. In fact, it should be changed often. By not checking your transmission fluid, it can lead you to costly repairs.

There are different schedules on changing the transmission fluid. It varies between automatic and manual transmissions. It is suggested to change it every 30, 000 miles, whether drivers own manual or automatic. Drivers who have heavy manual transmission should change their transmission fluid every 15,000 miles while automatic cars will take up to 100,000 miles.

If there lots of oil and dirt which circulate in your transmission, it will lead to a shorter lifespan of your transmission. Mechanics will recommend you to change the ATF often to avoid problems with it. Checking your transmission fluid can prevent you from wasting too much money. Make sure that you maintain well your car so that it will run longer.


What transmission fluid your car takes?

          Transmission fluid is very essential to your car, but what type of it should you use? You might be confused about which kind to pick as there are many types of it in the market. There are various grades of transmission fluid which have different specifications and properties.

Different fluids have different ingredients and additives which are added to it. That is the reason why you should be aware of what fluids to use. You should use the type which is recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Each specification implies to be best at lubricating and has anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties for distinctive cars. Transmission properties also imply to clean and protect the surfaces of the metal, extend temperature range and rotational speed and extend the life of fluid. It also prevents fluid oxidation and avoids foam. These properties lessen high temperatures and condition gaskets.

The most prominent specifications of transmission fluid are the MERCON and DEXRON series. These are mostly used by the manufacturers today. There are lots of variants of these series. There is also synthetic based and oil based ATF which equips properties like effectiveness and longer life. The transmission fluid that you need will be depending on your vehicle’s model and make because different manufactures do have different recommendations on what type of transmission fluid your vehicle needs.