Common Transmission Problems


          Diagnosing the problems of your car may seem an impossible task. As per the transmission of your car, remember that it is believed to be a mechanical system. This also controls and manipulates the application of power starting from the engine down to the driveshaft. It also experiences the wear and tear process over a period of time. This is mainly due to the friction and heat produced by the many interacting and moving components. 

          Due to this reason, major issues are likely to come out especially if the transmission is not taken care of. This is also in the event that the symptoms are not checked by a professional. The transmission replacement or repair is stressful, expensive and inconvenient. It is best to focus on any of the activities that may seem a bit unusual. Transmission shops near me can help with transmission problems.
          Better to adhere to the most suggested maintenance schedules and procedures. These are designed and aligned to prevent issues for your transmission to last over a long period of time. This way, it can perform a lot better. You will also have an idea if it demands repairs. If you are having some car issue, it is better learning more about the transmission problems. This way, you can further diagnose them and fix them right away.

Fluid Leak

          The transmission is believed to be a sealed unit. It should not have any leakage involving a fluid. If ever you have noticed a leak spot right on your garage floor or driveway, you have to lay down a cardboard. This must be positioned under the car right in the middle and front. This way, you will have an idea if they can be considered as active leaks.

Transmission Slipping

          If you are likely to experience transmission slipping, it may exactly feel like you are driving in a particular gear. And in a moment, it changes for no definite reason. The noise that comes from the engine suddenly changes in pitch. It also starts to sound like it is whining. Transmission slipping fix does not work oftentimes.

Rough Shifts

          In rough shifts, your car feels like it refuses to change the gears than it usually does. Even the gear shifts are not running smoothly. You may also sometimes hear or feel a “thud” or “clunk”. The car may also find it hard to get up to its right speed.

Delayed Engagement

          In the event that delayed engagement occurs, you usually notice a delay even before the car drives. It does not also start moving forward. Right after shifting out of “P” and then into “D”, you suddenly notice a long and brief pause. Even if you give it a gas, it does not exactly move forward.