A+Approved Shops


          A lot of people are making the fatal mistake of waiting to ask for help from a repair shop until their vehicles are almost completely damaged. By choosing our A+approved shops, they are most assured of getting the best transmission repair service at their convenience.

When you take your car to one of our A+approved shops, expect that your standards are fully met through the professional and honest service. Apart from it, you are also most assured of professional and polite service at the best price possible.

The impressive thing about A+ Approved Shops is that they do not only focus on transmission repair. They also mainly provide repair and diagnostic service for clutches, drive shafts, transfer cases, differentials and transmissions.

Being a member of our reputable association, we keep on practicing the pledges of code of ethics. We adhere to the repair and service definitions under the law. We also subscribe to the guaranteed standards and we practice the repair the best way possible.

Another reason of choosing our A+approved shop is that we provide only courteous and prompt in-car diagnosis for the guaranteed satisfaction of our valued customers. The diagnostic time for electronic scanning and testing is also adhered to.

Apart from it, A+ approved shops pledge to act with professionalism and integrity. They speak in a responsible manner and engage in legal dealings despite competing with others in the industry. Improving and promoting the automatic and manual transmissions service and repair, expect of getting only the best service possible. A+ Approved shops maintain the highest standards for workmanship and quality parts at their business.

And as a certified and approved shop, staff members continue to train and re-train themselves to keep abreast of the changes in the tools, equipments and state-of-the art technologies. You are also most guaranteed that the employees are certified and tested on a consistent basis. Only capable and professional personnel handle the job at the specific scheduled time.

Through the years of experience in the transmission repair field and the certifications received leading us as an A+approved shops, you are rest assured of the best possible examination of your transmission. The root of the problem is managed and resolved completely leaving you at ease of it.

Following even the most preventative measures, teams are ready in discussing all details to avoid the same emergency situation. As mentioned, members are fully certified and excellent in the field. They each earned their special certification as part of proving our excellence in the field.

As it takes a lot of effort to best maintain their rating, we still patiently meet the requirements of our valued clients. Quality transmission repair, diagnosis and theory are among our priorities for the guaranteed satisfaction of our customers.

When you put your car in the hands of technicians and mechanics at one of our A+ Approved Shops , you can be most confident of your decision. There are no A+ approved Shops like ours that provides for an outstanding service. We also have excellent credentials, high level of professionalism and quality workmanship!