Buying A Used Transmission Part : Tips to Follow


          There are certain factors that you need to consider if you plan on buying a used transmission part to replace the old and worn out one. Nevertheless, others are buying used transmission parts to help them save some money. No matter what your decision is, you still have to check the factors below to arrive at an informed decision.


Know the Mileage

          When you choose for to buy a used transmission part, settle with one that has the lowest mileage. This is mainly applicable to a used transmission. Some salvage car yards will have listings that show the distance that the auto transmission parts were removed from. Salvage yards may also have the model and the year of the auto. Therefore, you have to choose the newest car. This is simply because the average driver placed 13,000 miles on an auto each year.


Car Background Reports

          A lot of salvage yards out there will have a CarFax or Auto Check report issued for each auto they handle. You need to get this as it permits you to know the distance of the transmission parts. It also lets you see the previous issues of the damaged parts.

You need to look for some sign that the original auto previously experienced a hurricane or flood. This is simply because the transmission with electronic sensor is subtle to water damage. Getting the VIN is also very important.


Visual Assessments

          The fact that used transmission parts most probably come from a worn out car, a first visual assessment is essential to search for some indications of damage. This also takes account looking for crashes in regard with the transmission or indications of leaks in the seams and gasket seals. Working on the gear linkage that places a standard transmission at the shifts lets you feel some shifting gaps.


Prior to Setting Up the Parts

          Prior to installing the used transmission part, checking the parts twice is essential. Make sure the year and model of the parts are exactly the same as yours. This is due to the fact that today’s high technology automatic transmissions are regulated by computer sensors. These constantly make alterations to get the most excellent performance and fuel economy. This only means that those transmission parts should match together.

Once the transmission parts are outsourced from the salvage yards, these may have not been really tried and tested. The transmission parts tests are done on a transmission stand. This is where the mechanic can set the gear point and recognize the shaft or clutch seal leaks.



          Warranties on transmission part may prove to be tricky. They may also come with specific requirement lists. But, it still depends on the supplier of the parts.

Some high quality used parts may come with one to two years warranty. Some may only last for about ninety days. The experts to handle this issue should be informed of these requirements. This way, you can save more money and time.